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RI Nanotech India aims to take advantage of the enhanced physical features using the concept of nanotechnology. Our team makes use of plastic waste & similar resources in order to create products that help the environment in the long run. Get in Technical Collaboration with RI Instruments & Innovation. Our line of products includes options such as:

Graphene Oxide

With amazing characteristics such as high-electron mobility which is 100 times faster than that of silicon, Graphene Oxide is something that comes with a wide range of functions and applications.

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Magnetorheological Fluid

Comprised of carbonyl iron particles, carrier liquids, and proprietary additives, the Magnetorheological fluid by RI Nanotech India is used in various industries such as mechanical engineering, defence, military, optics, automotive

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Water Filters

Most developing countries tend to lack proper water-filtration systems. Use of our graphene oxide membranes as water filters aid in provisioning safe & clean drinking water

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Sanitary Pads

Graphene Oxide also finds application in creation of female sanitary napkins. Most women today use plastic-based pads that might lead to various forms of female genital

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Assistance in Creating Labs

Seamless Assembly of Hi-Tech Lab Facilities!

Creating top-notch compounds and technology without a proper lab is almost impossible. This is why Team RI Nanotech assists you in creating the ideal labs for serving as a nurturing environment for creative geniuses and the ones with a knack to experiment. From provisioning instruments like lab spectrometers to detector ...

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Bringing you the best of technology at fair prices!

The process of instrumentation is always critical to the proper functioning of an industrial scale lab. From R&D to maintenance, calibration, or adequate functionality of the units, proper instrumentation is vital. At RI Nanotech, we specialize in provisioning your instrumentation …

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At RI Nanotech India, we understand that there is always a need for better technology. Whether it is the automobile industry or the medical sector, nanotechnology has found its way into our everyday lives. Our prime element graphene oxide is the honeycomb sheet comprised of carbon atoms that acts as the building block for different graphitic materials. Being extremely thin & lightweight, graphene oxide serves as an ideal material for multi-genre applications. Another critical focus of our work is the use of magnetorheological fluid as dampers, shock absorbers, optical polishers, and many more. Today, we aim to expand this technology way beyond its generic usage in large scale with customers all around the world investing in sustainable technology that is safe. The MR Fluid and Graphene Oxide produced by us are patent technologies.
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Global Technology Partner

RI Instruments and Innovation Pvt Ltd

MANAS, W6-11, Adarsh Nagar Haldwani - 263139, Uttarakhand, IN M: +91-8859756356, 936008026 Web:www.research-india.co.in E-mail: Instrumentri@gmail.com
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Overseas Manufacturing Unit (Joint Venture)


PO Box 10207, Mount Maunganui 3116 Tauranga, New Zealand Tel: +64 21 278 8800 E-mail: info@rinztech.co.nz Web: www.rinztech.co.nz

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